An Organizational Health Consulting Agency

Delve is an Organizational Health Consulting Agency working to create change in agencies and systems by building resiliency.  Improving performance by improving lives, and building a better future for everyone.

What Is Organizational Health?

Organization health relates to the overall health and function of a business, system, or entity. It can be a business, it can be an institution, such as a bank or school, it can be a non-profit organization, or a governmental program. The common thread between them all is that the healthier the operation, the better they will be at what they do.

This includes the physical health, comfort and well-being of the staff, as well as the health of the organization through growth, adaptation and change. Think of it in terms of company culture: if your employees or staff are happy and healthy, the more likely they are to bring about more positive change. The more likely they will be to work on improving themselves and the organization along the way. 

We can help to develop the solutions your organization might need to achieve these goals.

What Are The Benefits?

The premise is simple: the happier, healthier and better prepared your organization is on the whole, the better they/it will be at their daily functions. McKinsey & Company’s often cited “Organizational Health Index” states that “healthy” companies (by their definition) outpace their not-as-healthy competition every step of the way and have proven that there is a direct link between organizational health and success.

There are many aspects to improve organizational health, from the policies and programs that are created to the way those policies and programs are implemented. Improving workforce culture is a multi-pronged approach with many possible inflection points. The first step is identifying the opportunities for improvement and then implementing a plan to effect that change.

That's Where We Come In.

How We Help:

Professional Training & Development Services

We can provide professional training and development services to help foster a more productive and happier work environment through employee health and operational enrichment. This can include coaching, training, planning and developing anything from onboarding to team building exercises to strategic planning for long term goals. We believe in improving performance by improving lives.

Organizational or Program Health Services

Our organizational and program health services are designed to improve the daily functions of your organization, from change management services for policy changes or new software implementation, data analysis reporting or formatting to measure outcome, organizational development to promote a culture of excellence, quality assurance control and many more. In short, we can help your organization improve from within through more efficient actions from top to bottom.

Clinical Support Services

Delve Consulting also offers clinical support services to assist mental health providers and agencies in need of contractual mental health services. For those requiring supervision or wanting to sharpen their clinical skills, Delve can meet your needs. If you’re looking to provide employee assistance programs to support your team, our clinical consultation services can help you identify the best fit. If your agency needs one time psychological assessments, expert opinions, trauma response, or the skills of a clinical psychologist- reach out to see how we can best partner.

Services We Provide:

Professional Training & Development

  • Continuing Education (CEU) Trainer/Speaker
  • Professional Development & Executive Coaching
  • Strategic Planning for Organizations
  • Design & Development for Agency Wide Programs
  • Job Description Evaluation, Review & Coaching
  • Onboarding Integration & Development

Organizational or Program Health

  • Change Management Services
  • Statistical Data Analysis to Measure Program Health Progress
  • Organizational Development Intervention Analysis, Diagnosis & Implementation
  • Data Capture Assessment & Consultation
  • Policy and Procedure Development & Review
  • Employee Wellness Programs

Clinical Support

  • Clinical Supervision
  • Trauma Preparedness & Response Services
  • Clinical Policy & Procedure Consultation
  • Psychological Consulting
Dr. Brooke Jacobs, PsyD

Dr. Brooke Jacobs, PsyD
Delve Owner

How We Work:

Getting started is easy! It all starts with a conversation. We’ll get to know more about your organization, what aspects of your organization you see room for improvement and then the type of results you hope to achieve. From there, we’ll create a plan catered specifically to your needs and walk you through your path to better organizational health. Whether you operate a bank or school, a trauma response or behavioral health center, a small or large business, or any other entity where improved organizational health might improve attitude and performance, Delve has a solution for you.