Delve’s Organizational and Program Health Services are designed to improve the daily functions of your organization. Whether you are wanting to assess your operation to find areas of improvement, or you are looking for the best way to implement a system-wide change, we assist you in identifying and creating an organizational culture that is happier, healthier and more productive all around.

Do you have a big change coming to your organization? We can help you mitigate risk by developing a sensible action plan to roll it out. Are you having trouble integrating new team members into your system? We offer Onboard Integration & Development to help position your newest members to make an impact even faster. Need a way to organize and make sense of the data you capture? We can assist you with Data Capture Assessment and Statistical Data Analysis to help you make sense of it all.

When you choose Delve as your partner, you can expect an improvement in the overall health of your organization internally, as well as the quality of service your team provides. We understand the most impactful change for the future, no matter how big or small the organization, or the mission they undertake, must start from within. And we’re happy to help you achieve that success through the implementation of our custom wellness strategies.

Organizational Assessments

The first real step towards organizational health is to perform an organizational assessment. Whether your organization is in the medical industry, education system or the private sector, Delve can provide an organizational assessment to identify areas of improvement, help develop a strategic plan for employee betterment or assist in systematic upgrades to help improve the overall health and productivity of your organization.

The assessments can be internally driven or externally required by funders or stakeholders- either way, the questions can be identified and answered through your custom-tailored assessments.

Change Management Services

Is your organization about to implement a change? Or does your organization need help in developing a plan for improvement? Not only does Delve work to create an actionable plan for organizational change, but we can assist in implementing the change through project management services. Navigating the nuances of change while continuing with your day to day operations can be a challenge; let our experience and expertise help your organization transition seamlessly into its next phase.

Intervention Analysis, Diagnosis & Implementation

Get in-depth analysis that measures effectiveness in treatments or procedures of your operation. With our Outcome Analysis service, we can identify the strengths and weaknesses of various interventions and help to develop a strategy to improve the weak spots and direct focus toward your strengths to improve the overall outcome of your service. Delve can provide you with current best practices, trends and different training methodologies to analyze and track program success. 

Data Capture Assessment & Statistical Data Analysis

Data is everywhere and you can use it to your advantage. Delve can provide data capture assessment & statistical data analysis review to help you make sense of your current datasets and show you how to efficiently use that data. If you feel like your organization has a lack of data to analyze, we can help you identify points where data capture is accessible and how you can use it to improve your organization.

Policy and Procedure Development & Review

With Delve’s Policy & Procedure Development & Review, we can help you set clearer and more precise organizational standards for your team. Whether you need a policy tweak or an entire system in place, we can assist in whatever capacity your organization needs. Effective communication is the cornerstone of healthy relationships both internally and externally. We’ll work with you to achieve both.

Employee Wellness Program

Promote awareness about the importance of mental health and stress management for your team with a custom Employee Wellness Program from Delve. We can offer on-site mental health wellness consultation and screenings for secondary trauma, anxiety, and depression. Let us help you create a workplace culture of emotional health with our lifestyle coaching and self-management programs.

Ready to Get Started?

If you’re ready to begin your path toward improved organizational health, we’re ready to help get you there! Shoot us a message today to schedule a consultation. Your path can begin with just a simple conversation!