Delve’s Clinical Support Services have been developed to assist mental health professionals and those who work with those in need of clinical services. In this critical line of work, the quality of response can make all the difference in the world to those undergoing treatment. With our help, you can be certain that you are providing the best care to those you serve.

Our communities and businesses are complex systems that can greatly benefit from the field of clinical psychology. Delve’s consultation services in this area aim to collaborate with other professionals to create efficient, effective, and understanding systems that will in turn lead to communities that are safer- physically, psychologically, and socially.

Clinical Supervision

Delve Consulting Services include Clinical Supervision services for mental health professionals. We can offer formal board approved supervision in Kentucky and Illinois by a Licensed Clinical Psychologist with Health Service Designation for training requirements. Whether individual or group- we offer career coaching, mentorship, training for mental health professionals to help bring out the best of your team.

Trauma Preparedness and Response Services

While it is difficult to think about, trauma can impact our business in a single moment. Delve can assist in proactive work to create readiness policies, practices, and plans that are trauma informed and data driven. This service aims to make sure your organization is protected and as safe as can be if disaster does strike. Response services are also available to assist employees and businesses in finding a new normal after trauma. Assessments are offered to identify whether debriefing, crisis response, or critical incident support is best suited for the issue at hand. 

Psychological Consulting

Delve offers a range of psychological consulting services, from assisting licensed mental health professionals case conceptualization with specific populations or individual patients; expert witness testimony; to contracted psychological evaluations and mental health assessments. We partner with mental health providers, schools, victim service providers, non-profits, attorneys, medical personnel, employers, and other professionals to provide necessary information to serve clientele or make organizational decisions.

Clinical Policy & Procedure Consultation

At Delve, we also offer clinical policy and procedure consultation to review what you have in place, gauge its effectiveness, then identify areas for improvement. Having concise, clear and consistent policies and procedures will make them easier to adhere to, increasing the effectiveness of your staff. It will also make it more likely that those policies and procedures lead to the more predictable outcomes you are positioned to navigate.

Ready to Get Started?

If you’d like to know more about how our Clinical Support Services can help to embolden your support staff, contact us for a free consultation and we’ll get started working toward a better future for your team and in turn, the people who rely on them.