Dr. Brooke Jacobs, PsyD

Dr. Brooke Jacobs, PsyD
Delve Owner

Delve Health Consulting Services was founded by Dr. Brooke Jacobs, PsyD, a clinical psychologist who directed her focus toward assisting organizations in optimizing their health and the services they provide to the community. Through her work as a staff psychologist, director of client services, and other supervisory roles in the non-profit sector of Paducah, KY, she recognized that many businesses, especially in rural communities, may not have the staffing to focus on this optimization. 

Her background and work has driven this mission to help foster change throughout the region at the institutional and system levels. Dr. Jacobs’ mission is to better equip communities, organizations, and their staff, to foster a “culture of excellence” so they may have a positive impact on society, whether that is through better training for those who help victims of domestic violence, implementing a policy change in schools, or analyzing data to fully meet grant objectives and outcomes.

Delve Health Consulting Services offers services in a multitude of areas to help your organization improve upon its overall health and function first internally, with personnel, and then furthermore, the beneficiaries of your own clients. 

Our services include Professional Training & Development Services to improve performance by showing you how to foster a more equipped and productive workplace, Organizational & Program Health to assist in making your daily functions more effective, and Clinical Support Services for mental health service providers and more.