Successful organizations are built by the strength of the team that operates them. At Delve, one of our core strengths is consulting organizations on how they can better operate internally, from executive coaching to job description evaluation and everywhere in between. 

We can help you assess areas of your operation with room for improvement, or we can help you develop a new program for your organization, no matter how small or large it may be.

The better a job posting is explained might lead to a more qualified candidate. The better that candidate is onboarded to the team, the quicker they will assimilate, knowing more precisely their role. The better performing and understanding your existing team is, the better the new, qualified candidate you just onboarded will perform. All because the department head was better prepared to lead from executive coaching courses. 

All of these efforts work in tandem to produce a happier, healthier culture within your organization that will be better suited to deliver a better performance in their respective positions. Here are some training and professional development services we can offer your organization:

Professional Development

Delve Health Consulting offers keynote speaking, workshops, and conference planning over a range of training topics. We work to assist professionals in broadening their understanding of general mental health, evidenced based treatment approaches, trauma informed services, intimate partner violence, attachment in youth, secondary trauma, successfully working within multidisciplinary groups, organizational health, along with a myriad of differing topics. Additionally, we can create specific professional development programs for your agency as well as plan and facilitate educational conferences for communities.

Executive Coaching

Understand the benefits of more effective leadership by taking part in our executive coaching services. Better organizations are built through exemplary leadership and knowing how to connect and get the most out of your staff. We can help you effect positive change starting from the top down by improving the capabilities of your executive team through various coaching methods. Whether your leadership team needs a planning retreat, or you’re a promoted team member needs supervisory training, Delve can assist in equipping your leaders.

Consulting Education (CEU) Training

Delve works to help organizations with their training initiatives and support professionals requiring continuing education units including clinicians and counselors, law enforcement, college and university staff, domestic/sexual violence programs, attorneys, and other community partners. We offer training on a variety of topics including but not limited to: domestic violence, elder abuse, suicidality, trauma informed care, organizational health, and mental health first aid. Utilizing data and trends from the most relevant and recent research, these trainings are developed to address the specific needs of your group, agency, or licensure.

Strategic Planning for Organizations

For organizations ready to plan for the future, Delve Health Consulting can help you set 1, 3 or 5 year plans to help you get there. Whether you’re looking to identify your agency’s mission statement and values or working towards a rebrand- we will work to map out a plan, set benchmarks to monitor progress then get you to your goal, on time. We also offer continued follow ups, along with relevant data analysis, to monitor success after your plan has been implemented.

Agency Wide Design & Development Programs

Does your organization need to develop a process, procedure, operation or any other type internal program? Delve can create an effective program to fit whatever is needed for your system. By understanding your desired outcome, we’ll work with you to develop that program into an actionable asset to improve your organization.

Organizational Structure and Job Description Evaluation

Sometimes poor performance simply stems from poor communication and organization. That communication includes the clarity of which an individual understands the responsibilities of their position. Delve can provide job description, review and coaching to ensure every aspect of an individual’s performance is more equitably assessed. More broadly, we can partner to make sure your organizational chart, structure, and hierarchy is assisting your agency in meeting its goals.

Onboarding Integration & Development

Bringing on new members is an aspect every organization has to navigate. Make sure the newest members of your team are equipped to make an immediate impact. We can help you fine tune your onboarding process, help you develop a new one, or assist in ongoing implementation through our onboarding integration and development services. Let us help develop a plan that will turn your recent additions into impact makers right out of the gate.

Ready to Get Started?

If you’re ready to direct your organization toward a healthier, more productive operation, we can’t wait to hear from you. Contact us for a free consultation and we’ll get started.